Monday, November 1, 2010


It was inevitable that my Mr. and I would have the conversation about my blog.

He is advancing his career at a pretty large bank and he works on the computer/internet banking end. He therefor works with people who are pretty savvy at finding info about him. And if you have never read this blog, do. He didn't want the term "to be dooced" to be referred to him.

So, in the interest of my Mr. keeping his job, having some things that I need to get out that I don't particularly want his family reading, and wanting to keep a log of my upcoming venture, I started this blog.

I will be logging my journey of trying to get help. Mentally, emotionally, physically. I am exhausted and am not dealing well with my life or my children. It's causing horrendous stress on my husband and I don't want my babies to suffer.

I will also be using this as something of therapy by getting out things that are painful to me. There are going to be thing that you will probably not want to read. There are things I've done, things I've lived through, and choices that I've made in my life that have been hard.

Don't judge me.

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